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Since the activation is done manually, it may take a little while before it is activated from the time of purchase.

Rityta 1reciept

Correct invoice/reciepts

Regardless of whether you choose Swish, Stripe or invoice, you will get a correct basis for the bookkeeping.


Activation after payment

The fastest activation takes place if you pay with Swish or Stripe, as the premium is only activated after the invoice has been paid.


Wrong information

If you enter the wrong address, you can always write to and we will help you adjust it and send a new reciept/invoice.


  1. Enter your desired invoice information.

  2. Double check that the email address is correct.

  3. Select time for premium

  4. Choose to pay in SEK (Swedish Crowns ) with
    Stripe (Card) or Swish (and get the correct receipt via email) or
    Invoice (separate invoice will be sent via email).

  5. Complete purchase

  6. Wait for your page to get premium.

Should you encounter problems, call +4621-495 00 36
(safest answer weekdays 8-11 or 14:30 -18:30) 

Explorer warning

If you use Internet Explorer, you unfortunately cannot change the product, it is then fixed at 3 months. If you experience that problem, please try Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead

(mån = months, år = year(s) ) 

Choose your premium

for: 3 mån,
300,00 kr
for: 6 mån,
487,50 kr
for: 1 år,
862,50 kr
for: 2 år,
1237,50 kr
for: WhiteLabel,
1625,00 kr


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Produkt Delsumma - 3 mån   × 1 300,00 kr
Delsumma 300,00 kr
Totalt 300,00 kr (inkl. 60,00 kr Standard)
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